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Sometimes we just need a guide to show us the way. Life didn't come with a manual and there are no real set rules for the way you want to live but like it or not you have set your own rules. A good coach will challenge you to look within and discover if the rules and guidelines you've created are actually working for you or hindering you. Life Coaching is about providing a guiding hand. It is our aim to help you to find your own solutions based on the best information available and the best techniques to get you thinking. We can't just give you the answers - no-one can but you.

When you provide your own answers we know that you're more likely to follow your convictions and take the action that is required for you to succeed.


M-Power-U Life Coaching is a professional company run by Tim Williamson. Tim is an accomplished commercial pilot, martial arts instructor, fitness leader and award winning author. He has a wide range of experience and knowledge to share. Tim is also a member of Australian Mensa meaning that he has a passion for knowledge and for sharing through teaching.


At M-Power-U we are expanding and growing. We're reaching out to more people and helping individuals like yourself to make positive decisions. Our products and services are leading the way.


about us

M-Power-U Life Coaching is a professional company providing a service that is second to none. Tim Williamson is a coach with experience in a variety of fields, all of which have led him to develop his world leading style. As a member of Australian Mensa Tim is devoted to delivering education and knowledge.

In 2007 when we first published Escape from Debt, there was nothing in the world like it. We're proud to be still leading the field in innovation and thought leadership. Find out more inside.

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