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Escape from Debt

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Average debt levels in Australia are increasing. It's this behaviour that we need to change and Escape from Debt has been designed to help you make the changes you need. Escape from Debt is a book designed to educate the reader about finance but also to help you to make and action one of the biggest decisions of your life.


There are so many books out there on how to get rich but how many people actually know that increased cashflow is within their reach? Do you need to take an extra job? Do you need to risk anything at all in the pursuit of a few extra dollars? No, you just need to know where the leaks are in your financial boat - and plug them. It might start with 5 extra dollars per month but then it begins to increase. As you plug the gaps your cashflow becomes increasingly positive. Knowing how to handle these changes are important and it the behaviour and beliefs are what we work with for it is the behaviour and beliefs towards finance and debt that create your foundation.


This is the first of it's genre and was a groundbreaking work in that it is interactive. The reader is encouraged from the very beginning to become involved in the learning and take immediate action. Isn't that what it's all about? There are so many books on the market with a lot of good information and systems but none of them encourage the reader to take immediate action. It is this difference that makes our products stand out over all the rest.


Escape from Debt has been written with you in mind. It is more like a conversation with a friend than a book just telling you what to do. With a financial education and an insight into the way finance products are marketed we aim to empower you to make the best choices in your life.


We have trusted organisations like Relationships Australia and the Royal Adelaide Hospital Health Service stocking and selling our books.

Get with a program that works. Escape from Debt today.


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Escape from Debt is a paperback book written in English.