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Escape from Dieting


The market for dieting and diet products is an industry that is out of control. The makers of potions, lotions, powders and remedies that are here today and gone tomorrow are laughing all the way to the bank. They are making an incredible amount of money based on your insecurities and hope for a quick fix. When people say that 'when something seems too good to be true it usually is', they are correct.


When I tested this program I worked with a varying group of people of all ages and situations. The results astounded me. It was the course of finding out about themselves that helped them to make decisions for their future. They were able to bring out their natural abilities to manage themselves and they became excited. Excited about the changes and excited for a future that was actually becoming apparent to them. Not one of them went on any crazy diets or felt the need to. Some of them found that they enjoyed going to the gym and some just loved to get out and go for a walk. Throughout the testing process I used my skills as a professional martial arts instructor and fitness trainer to introduce different aspects of bodily movement in the hope that they would discover what they enjoyed to be a part of.


Escaping from Dieting is something that we all need to do. Marketing of food products is fast becoming saturated and out of control; and the multi-billion dollar supplement market astounds us with the new products that keep getting released that apparently 'we need'.


Reading Escape from Dieting will help you to reconnect with your natural roots and help you to reset the switches.

If you want to reduce your weight; if you'd like to gain a new level of health; if you'd like to lift your life to the next level then you need to Escape from Dieting.


This book won the Gold medal for Mental Health and Psychology in the 2012 eLit Awards. Escape from Dieting also won the Silver medal for Fitness, Health and Nutrition in the same awards ceremony. Get on board with an award winning and world leading program. It is trusted and used by groups like the Royal Adelaide Hospital Health Service.


Escape from Dieting today and discover a new life that you'll love.


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