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We've spent years getting our products and services right. We've tested and tried... and we've succeeded.

From our roots in Escape from Debt to the award winning Escape from Dieting we have you covered.

If you're trying to get ahead in some area of your life then we'll be happy to help. We've designed our programs to be easily read and affordable to everyone. If you're short on time, money or even if you just don't know where to turn, then look no further - The 'Escape From' programs are designed for you. Buy your copy today from us or ask for them at your local bookstore.

Escape from Dieting - 2012 E-Lit Awards Gold medal for Psychology and mental health

                          - 2012 E-Lit Awards Silver medal for Fitness, Health and Nutrition

These are just 2 reasons why you should invest in our books

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Weekend Seminar
Tickets for your weekend seminar. Get your new year off to an incredible kick start with our weekend seminar.
Details are coming soon.

Budgeting Champion
We're currently finalising the new Budgeting Champion book. Pair this with our Budgeting Champion workshop and you'll be off to a great start financially. Suitable for workplaces, schools, church groups, social clubs and more. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

Escape from Bullying
The new concept in the 'Escape From' range. This book will feature an incredible amount of workplace and personal scenarios. Tim has put in many years of research into this field and what he has come up against will astound you. Written in his particular style, Tim will take the reader through the real affects of bullying and the problems it creates. Our aim will be for workplaces and schools to become supportive and aware of the real problems behind bullying from both sides.